10 Calcium-Rich Foods That Will Give Your Health a Boost


It doesn't take much effort to consume the recommended 1,000 mg of calcium each day if you eat the correct foods. Consider tofu: It has a massive 1,624 milligrams in one block. It can be blended, stir-fried, or scrambled (just like eggs).


Do you require a portable snack? A healthy alternative that contains 241 mg of calcium, as well as a sufficient amount of magnesium and iron, is dried figs.


Only one large artichoke is required to obtain 71 mg of calcium. You'll gain even more advantages if you use it to prepare a creamy, slimmed-down dip for your pals, and you'll quickly become their favorite hostess ever.

Black Beans

Black beans should always be on your daily must-eat list because they have so many advantages. Along with 29 grams of fiber and 39 grams of protein, one cup has 294 mg of calcium.


This ancient grain is a particularly healthy source of carbohydrates because it not only includes a ton of protein and vitamins, but also 116 mg of calcium per cup.


You may consume 101 mg of calcium every morning by putting a cup of kale in your juicer. Cady advises adding a squeeze of vitamin C, such as lemon juice, to enhance calcium absorption.


Everyone believes that milk is the best source of calcium, but have you ever tried broccoli? The amount of magnesium in a bunch of vegetables is over 300 mg, the same amount as in a cup of dairy product.


One of the best calcium sources available is almonds. You'll enjoy a body-enhancer snack with 30 grams of protein and 378 mg of caffeine per cup. (You gotta love a bonus!)

Chia Seeds

Although chia seeds are tiny, they are incredibly potent. 631 mg of calcium may be found in just a half cup. Add some to your morning smoothie or use them to make a pudding that is better for you.

Bok Choy

Include some bok choy the next time you prepare an Asian dish. It's a difficult-to-beat source of calcium at 882 mg per head.