3 Zodiac Signs Fall Madly In Love On June 7 

1. Leo

Leo, you love obsessing over new people. Now that you're in love, you'll find endless joys on June 7. Aquarius Moon transits are irresistible. It's designed for passionate love, and you'll be eager to jump in.

Since worrying about the future will ruin your obsessing, you don't. You can't wait to impress this new love. Your amazing presence thrills them most. Leo, you know you dazzle. You Dazzler!

2. Libra

Falling in love makes you doubt yourself first. Unless you're under the Aquarius Moon, which will make you so sure of this new love that you won't recall your first name. That's how you, the Great Libra, should fall madly in love—heady, irresponsible, and over the top.

Forget your normal pessimism—you're here for the good. You won't "get over" someone. You may play this one for a week or two. During the Aquarius Moon, you may be creating a great infatuation narrative.

3. Sagittarius

You keep your love secret as long as you can. You'll secretly smile all day as you think about that person you just fell in love with. During the Aquarius Moon on June 7, 2023, you may lose fantasy. This feels right.

'Being overly vulnerable' and 'doubting love in general' won't even cross your head today. Whatever happens, you'll give in to being hopelessly in love. Sagittarius, you love getting back on that horse, even if it means you'll fall off. Bring it! You're on target. You're your heart's Cupid.