4 Surprising Makeup Mistakes

Ignoring Eyebrows 

Congratulate yourself if you have managed to overlook your brows during the past few years of almost continual brow obsession and examination. But to make your brows work for you, frame your face, and finish your appearance, you don't have to take drastic measures. 

Wearing Heavy Foundation 

A complete face of foundation may not be necessary to give the impression that your skin is healthy and shining naturally; in fact, it may have the opposite effect. 

Piling On Powder

When it comes to powder, the same principle is valid. According to Tang, powder can accumulate in fine lines and wrinkles, accentuating them and giving your skin a dry appearance. "This can make you look older. Instead, choose a BB cream or foundation with a dewy finish for a more youthful, fresh appearance.

Applying Dark Eyeshadow Shades 

When it comes to powder, the same principle is valid. Dark makeup can make sagging lids appear heavier and more aged, according to Tang. To make the eyes appear more open and youthful, apply softer, neutral shades on the lids and reserve the darker hues for the crease.