Best Wine for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Shiraz

You like robust wine tasting notes. Shiraz, a full-bodied wine with a surprising smooth finish, will satisfy your refined taste.

Taurus: Pinot Noir

Taurus, Venus rules your taste for luxury and pleasure. You want a rich wine to sip all night.

Gemini: Sauvignon Blanc

You're charming and fit in anywhere. Your versatility makes you indecisive, so it's tough to know what wine you'll want.

Cancer: Moscato

Cancer, only you enjoy a night in. You need time to refuel because the moon controls your emotions.

Leo: Merlot

Leos are charming socialites. You love the spotlight because of your bright and dramatic nature.

Virgo: Riesling

Virgos are zodiac perfectionists. After a long day, you undoubtedly love a glass of wine.

Libra: Chardonnay

Luxury wines may suit your refined tastes. Libras adore harmony, so a well-balanced wine will please.

Scorpio: Zinfandel

Scorpios are intense and complicated zodiac signs. You're emotional despite your aloofness and moodiness.

Sagittarius: Pinot Grigio

Sagittarius, you're adventurous. You're optimistic and rarely reject down new experiences. You need a bubbly wine to match your charm and wit.

Capricorn: Cabernet Sauvignon

Capricorn, the most mature sign, is ambitious, diligent, and practical. You'll need an excellent wine when you let free because you're not scared to spend big.

Aquarius: Chianti

You're the zodiac's rebel. Aquarius, you need bold, unusual wines.

Pisces: Rosé

Sensitive, artistic, and spiritual Pisces. Pisces live in a fantasy world owing to Neptune, who makes you see life through rose-colored glasses.