White-Coated Dogs

Some of these dogs are huge, powerful breeds. The Samoyed, Great Pyrenees, and Japanese spitz are white like their Arctic or mountain surroundings.

The Samoyed is a medium-to-large white spitz breed. Since this dog breed hails from Siberia, its thick, fluffy coat makes sense. 


 Pocket-sized pups grow to 4–7 pounds and under 10 inches tall. Though some owners snip it short, the Maltese's long, silky white coat makes it adorable. 




West Highland white terriers have white double coats. Scottish Westies are little yet strong terriers. Its white coat helped this dog hunt rodents.

White Terrier

American Eskimo dogs are pure white with coal-black eyes and noses, like miniature snowmen. These canines are standard, tiny, and toy.

American Eskimo

With its fluffy hair and spherical shape, the bichon frise stands out among white dogs. It is thought to have derived from the poodle and water spaniel in France. 

Bichon Frise

White Great Pyrenees are the biggest. White-furred, 100-pound gentle giants. This dog may have originated in Central Asia or Siberia millennia ago.

Great Pyrenees

The Madagascar elite fiercely guarded this tiny white dog. These dogs may have been maritime puppies that accompanied sailors.

Coton de Tulear