Find out which type of drunk you are based on your zodiac sign


The Aries, the first sign in the zodiac calendar, is naturally inclined toward leadership. They take the initiative with enthusiasm and are driven to achieve their goals. When alcohol is added, these traits produce intriguing outcomes!


Venus, the planet of beauty and sexuality, rules Taurus, which loves elegance and grace. They won't be a sloppy drunk, promise! They have excellent sensory awareness and are quite aware of what they want to consume.


Imagine what occurs once a few drinks of wine are had since Geminis are already known for being talkative, gregarious, and possibly even gossipy. They communicate to build bonds, and while they are drunk, their drive to communicate and share knowledge is even stronger.


Because the Moon governs Cancer, this means that this sign is always developing and changing. Since their tastes change during the evening, individuals typically don't settle with a single beverage. The worst hangovers result from this.


The social butterflies of the zodiac are Leos. They enjoy being the center of attention and lighting up a space because they are Sun-ruled. They are also fiercely competitive, which can be risky when intoxicated. They might have a propensity to start drinking contests to prove that they can consume more alcohol than everyone else (albeit they might be mistaken...).


Virgos are known for being analytical, methodical, and disciplined. Since it forces them to step outside of their comfort zone, they probably don't drink much, but when they do, they might spill some tea.


Extroverted, amiable, and hopeless romantics describe Libras. Similar to Taurus, Libra is influenced by Venus, therefore they have an appreciation for better goods. As a result, they frequently rack up a large bar account by ordering the most opulent beverages.


Although Scorpio is a sign of desire, Pluto and Mars are also the planets that dominate it. These planets stand for strength, energy, and conflict. What a unique combination for a night out... especially as Scorpios frequently truly enjoy drinking. A lot.


It's probably a good idea to invite a Sagittarius to a party. They have an inherent sense of humor and adventure, yet they can also think deeply and engage in stimulating discourse.


Hard workers with a propensity for career emphasis, Capricorns value formality and professionalism. When they do drink, they know their limitations and rarely go overboard because they don't want to take chances.


The intellectual innovator known as the Aquarius is constantly coming up with new ideas or conversational topics. They enjoy trying out novel and intriguing drinks since they are curious!


The gentle daydreamers of the zodiac, Pisces are well-known for being highly sensitive to their emotions. When intoxicated, their creative imaginations can drive them to fabricate stories in their thoughts, which can cause them to become upset.