Friendliest Dogs

Dogs evolved to beg for food and shelter, thus domestication made sense millions of years ago. Pugs, Labrador retrievers, Boston terriers, and poodles are more social than other breeds.

First developed for fishermen and ladies, then hunters, Labs were companions. They love people and are easygoing. However, they require daily strenuous activity.

Labrador Retriever

Golden retrievers, another favorite breed for decades, are friendly with people and other animals. Confidence helps. Goldens' positive mindset makes life easier. 

Golden retriever



. They like lengthy walks and playing fetch. They love having fun and snuggling with their favorite persons at night or playing with the youngsters.


 This breed is docile, kind, and cat-friendly. They adore playing with the kids, walking around the neighborhood, and fetching.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Pugs are little yet spirited. These clever, friendly, and occasionally funny dogs adore playing and cuddling with their favorite people.


Boston terriers, the "American Gentleman," are friendly and amusing. They like meeting new people and playing. They're also adaptive.

Boston Terrier

 Most enjoy children, other dogs, and dog-friendly cats, making them great family dogs. These dogs love their families and want to befriend outsiders.

Irish Setter

Border collies, the smartest dog breed, need daily mental and physical activity to be happy and well-behaved. But this breed pleases.

Border Collie

Boxers crave attention. The more positive attention you offer these sociable dogs, the more they'll give back. Boxers are great family pets because of this. 


Staffordshire bull terriers, pit bulls, have huge smiles that reveal their charming personality. Today, they love more than fight. 

 Staffordshire Bull Terrier