Hairless Cat Breeds for Unique Pets

Sphynx to bambino, each breed is unique. Some hairless cats are smooth while others have tiny peach fuzz. Though rarer than domestic housecats, these cats can cost more.

The Donskoy is distinct from the sphynx. A recessive genetic mutation causes sphynx hairlessness. A dominant gene makes Donskoys hairless.

Donskoy cats

 Mutations caused this breed's hairless, small, and elf-like look, causing health difficulties such skeletal abnormalities. They're playful.

Dwelf Cat



Short-legged, hairless minskins are munchin-sphynx hybrids. This breed subsequently included Devon rex and Burmese cats. 

Minskin kitten

The Peterbald is a beautiful cat with long limbs. Donskoy-Oriental shorthair hybrids produced it. Peterbalds can have hair.

Peterbald cat

Crossbreeding shorthair cats with sphynxes created a healthy, diverse gene pool. Sphynx cats may have fur on their face, legs, and tail.

Sphynx cat

Sphynx cat breeders exploit the hairless trait to create novel hybrids. In 2015, the sphynxiebob, a sphynx-American bobtail hybrid, was born.

 Sphynx Hybrids

The Ukrainian levkoy is distinctive with its hairless body and inward-folding ears. These cats were Donskoy-Scottish fold hybrids.

Levkoy Ukrainian