How each zodiac sign expresses love in a Kiss ?

Aries kissing style: French kiss

The French kiss is a very passionate way to kiss someone. Both partners lock lips together and pass their tongues back and forth.

Taurus : kiss on the cheek

Taurus enjoys trying to educate the other Zodiac signs on the finer points of a proper kiss. With only one gentle peck on the cheek.

Gemini : Spider-Man kiss

 Even whether they're deeply significant or just plain fun, Gemini kisses can't help but be playful and tease.

Cancer : forehead kiss

If your significant other or close friend is having a rough day, a kiss on the forehead may be a comforting gesture that shows you care. 

Leo kissing style: hand kiss

Leo is energized by the attention and adulation of others. The international stage is the only appropriate setting for any of Leo's antics.

Virgo kissing style: neck kiss

 A side-kiss on the neck, just below the ear, is the nicest kind of body kiss there is. It's a great technique for delivering a passionate, sensual, and passionately romantic kiss.

Libra kissing style: lingering kiss

 Every Libra kiss will make you feel like you're one step closer to finding your true love. The romantic nature of a Libra is evident in everything they do.

Scorpio kissing style: air kiss

Two people hold cheeks together and blow a kiss into the air, then exchange places and do it again. Scorpio values their long-term friendships.

Sagittarius kissing style: nose-rub kiss

 Sagittarius is known for their dry sense of humor and ability to maintain an emotional distance. The ever-charming Sagittarius will never hesitate to give you a spontaneous,

Capricorn kissing style: butterfly kisses

The independent Capricorn I know would want to find a method to show their best friends how much they appreciate them.

Aquarius kissing style: blowing kisses

 A kiss might start off completely platonic, but then take an unexpected turn into something far more passionate.

Pisces kissing style: single-lip kiss

Pisces is the sign to choose if you want to get properly kissed all over. The traditional kiss consists of two people locking lips. Since it's so intimate.