Most Powerful Zodiac Sign

7. Virgo

Virgos are impressive and determined because they value order.Analytical, detail-oriented, perfectionism, high standards, critical thinking, and realism make Virgo a powerful zodiac sign.

6. Sagittarius

Older men have more time to learn and are happy to offer their knowledge. A woman will learn something new when she dates an older man—a nice joke, how to make a wonderful cocktail, or a strange fact.

5. Capricorn

"Capricorns deserve a place among the most powerful signs due to their unwavering ambition, practicality, and strong work ethic," says astrologer and Your Zodiac founder Raquel Rodriguez. "They set long-term goals and pursue them with determination."

4. Taurus

Astrologers think the strong-willed bull is also influential. "Taurus people are seen as powerful because of their unshakable drive, stability, and dependability," adds Newman. "They are well-known for their strong work ethic and practical outlook on life, which may lead to tremendous achievements."

3. Leo

The lion symbolizes Leo, a powerful sign. "Leos are natural-born leaders who command attention and radiate charisma," Clare explains. "Inspiring and lifting others is their power."

2. Scorpio

Close-up of healthy young man in park gazing away. Confident young dude ready for workout. Scorpios are "fiery and passionate" natural leaders.

1. Aries

The strongest zodiac sign was the first. "Kickstarting" the astrological cycle provides Aries "power and an undying spirit," according to Clare. Aries are driven and fearless, but they have something special.