Starbucks Just Launched New Fruity Pink Drinks

New seasonal Starbucks drinks arrive. The worldwide coffeehouse chain unveiled two summer drink lines today, June 6, for June.

Get thirsty. Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refreshers and Honeycomb Salted Caramel are Starbucks' summer drinks. These beverages are late to the summer party, but they'll brighten up the dreary months. 

Starbucks' Summer Refreshers: Starbucks has two Honeycomb Salted Caramel mixes. The Frappuccino (P220/Tall, P235/Grande, P250/Venti) is an ice-blended coffee- or cream-based drink topped with whipped cream, honeycomb, and caramel. The Latte (P220/Tall, P235/Grande, P250/Venti) is simpler because it's not ice-blended and can be ordered hot.

Mango Dragonfruit Refreshers have two blends. Dragon Drink with Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refreshers (P175/Tall, P190/Grande, P205) uses coconut milk and real mango and dragonfruit. 

The Mango Dragonfruit with Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers (P175/Tall, P190/Grande, P205/Venti) uses the same ingredients but substitutes coconut milk for lemonade.

Last autumn's Brown Sugar Soymilk Iced Shaken Espresso (P185/Tall, P200/Grande, P215/Venti) returned to the menu permanently. The new core drink contains hand-shaken espresso, plant-based milk, and brown sugar syrup.

Today, June 6, is Double Stars Day and the greatest day to try the new drinks at Starbucks. For Starbucks Rewards members, ordering any of the new beverages in-store, via the Starbucks app, or GrabFood delivery earns double Stars.

Starbucks' new Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refreshers and Honeycomb Salted Caramel are available till July 24. Don't walk—run!