Teeny-Tiny Zodiac Tattoos Ideas

The 36-year-old jewelry designer and former Laguna Beach star visited tattoo artist winterstone over the weekend for a celebrity-studded ink session. 

Cavallari, who has three children with ex-husband Jay Cutler, reveals the astrology-inspired tattoos .

Cavallari has a little Leo zodiac sign tattooed on her wrist to honor her oldest child's August birthday. 

She had a little Taurus sign on her pinky finger and a tiny Sagittarius arrow on her neck behind her ear. 

The mother of three children also uploaded a picture gallery on Instagram with the remark "This equals 10," .

Cavallari's "1111" tattoo, which Cosmopolitan says depicts "being supported by forces you cannot see,".

The latter was a symbol of "going through difficult times," she said, an apparent reference to her breakup with the NFL star.

Cavallari may not be able to add a fourth child born under a different zodiac sign, but she is open to the possibility of expanding her family. 

She said as much when responding to some inquiries from fans on Instagram last summer: "not looking to have more .

To the question of whether or not her children would be allowed to pursue a career in reality television, she said, "Well, I would say no until they're 18,".

Listen, I have no problem with them going into the entertainment industry after they are 18. But I want them to be kids until they're 18.