The Best Pizza  For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Supreme Pizza

Aries, you love life. You're unstoppable and passionate. Nothing is impossible with quick thinking and determination. Thus, your favorite pizza should have everything.

Taurus: Sausage Pizza

Taurus prefers nicer things, but you can still enjoy a classic again and then. You're picky about pizza toppings, being a fixed earth sign.

Gemini: Hawaiian Pizza

You amaze others with your deep, cerebral side. Hawaiian pizza's sweet-salty flavor embraces your duality in a joyful and unexpected way.

Cancer: Classic Pepperoni Pizza

You prefer being with folks who feel like home. You're emotive and stick to your decisions as a moon sign. Thus, you choose childhood favorites.

Leo: Meat Lover's Supreme

Leo, you're needed! Your free-spirited creativity excites the crowd. You prefer big decisions because you have trouble keeping things low-key. Obviously, you need a bold pizza.

Virgo: Veggie Pizza

You're fussy about eating. You prefer healthful home-cooked meals. However, you will indulge in your favorite pizza.

Libra: Spinach Artichoke Pizza

You're the scales, balancing everything. As a Venusian, you like gourmet pizza. You like fancy food, so spinach artichoke pizza's nuanced flavors will please you.

Scorpio: Spicy Jalapeño Pizza

Your mysterious appeal and cool confidence make you both alluring and terrifying. As a water sign, you like lengthy conversations and have many levels.

Sagittarius: Margherita Pizza

You change hobbies, friends, and careers as the zodiac's international traveler. Traveling has given you eclectic tastes, but all this moving and grooving means you need something soothing to slow things down.

Capricorn: Mushroom and Black Olive Pizza

Capricorn is the hardest-working sign. You follow the rules and simplify in your career. Your personal life is playful, which may surprise others.

Aquarius: Calzone

Aquarius, the zodiac's rebel, makes you a daring eater. If the situation calls for it, you'll appreciate a cheese or pepperoni pie, but you'll urge others to think outside the box too.

Pisces: Four Cheese Pizza

Pisces are dreamers. Water signs feel profoundly and have strong opinions on likes and dislikes. Thus, you stick to your comfort foods.