These 3 Zodiac Signs Your Biggest Secrets


Mercury, the planet that regulates Gemini, is the governing force in communication, earning the air sign the moniker "communicator" of the zodiac. The next time you have some steaming hot tea to spill, you might want to think twice before informing your Gemini pals because they almost live by keeping secrets.

According to Lee, Geminis are so engrossed in conversing that sometimes they accidentally utter things before they even realize it. The astrologer also cautions that an air sign may exaggerate the truth in order to make a narrative more intriguing or fit in with a group or social group.


Scorpio may surprise you by making this list, but the enigmatic water sign has a secret passion for creating controversy. Because they are the "type to spill the tea and then act like they had nothing to do with it," as Lee puts it, and because they aren't afraid to be "manipulative to get a secret out of you," they love to stir the pot.

"Get in their crosshairs and they'll lay all your cards on the table without a second thought! They keep their own secrets behind lock and key. but, who else's? Good luck!" exclaims the astrologer.


 Sagittarians can't help but reveal a secret when they are so enthused about it. "Sagittarius is the type to want to get you a surprise for your birthday and then ask you if you want to know what the surprise is beforehand," the astrologer explains. They are simply really excited to tell, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

According to the expert, their tendency to be frank with others may also be the root of their loose lips: "If your secret just so happens to be on the brain during their honesty moment, count on it being blurted out." Lee, though, is convinced that Sagittarians don't divulge secrets with malice in mind; rather, they simply get caught up in the moment and can't stop themselves.