These are the 3 most innocent zodiac signs


Despite their tendency to be obstinate and careless, they are the youngest of the zodiac signs. They act purely out of self-interest and with a childlike innocence. They are genuinely innocent when it comes to connecting with the ways of the world. 

Aries are innocent because they choose to always be loyal to who they are, no matter what. They would be forthright and honest about their personality types rather than using cunning, dishonesty, or lying to gain their way.


Cancers are extremely sensitive and naive. They put a lot of emphasis on love and feelings above anything else. They are honest people, thus they won't ever betray somebody. 

They would make the decision to ignore the harsh truths of the world and focus on the positive elements. Cancer won't always show you their weak side and look strong on the surface, but anyone who knows them well enough will realize that this is only a façade.


A Virgo would never think to hurt an insect. They uphold the greatest moral standards and believe that everyone has one's best interests in mind. Virgos are exceedingly kind and innocent. They always abide by the law; they don't unnecessarily rebel. 

 Virgo is one of the zodiac signs that accepts things as they are. They always attempt to be as transparent and honest as they can since that's just the kind of person they are.