Top  Allergy-Friendly Cats

Most people think less-hairy dogs are less likely to cause allergies. It's false. Proteins in their dander, saliva, and urine cause problems, not hair. All dogs shed dander. 

The Balinese is similar to the Siamese except for its long coat and plume tail.  These cats may have less of the allergy-causing Fel d 1 protein than others.

Balinese cat

The Cornish Rex's short, wavy coat may shed less dander than longhaired or dense-coated cats. Rex cats have no topcoat and a fine undercoat.

Cornish Rex



Some allergy sufferers advocate the Devon Rex as well as the Cornish Rex. Its wavy coat reduces dander and allergies in your house. 

Devon Rex

A Balinese-colorpoint shorthair cross produced the Javanese, a Siamese-like cat with long hair and a larger coat color spectrum.

 Javanese cats

American shorthair, Abyssinian, and Siamese cats breed the Oriental. These active, smart cats shed moderately and need brushing twice a week. 

Oriental longhaired cat

Russian blues are calm and helpful for mild cat allergies. Its silky, glistening coat needs weekly brushing and sheds little.

Russian Blue

Selkirk Rex cats are calmer than Cornish and Devon Rex. Like other Rex cats, this breed has a wavy, low-shedding coat.

 Selkirk Rex