Top Big-Eyed Cats

Big-eyed cats are charming and anime-like. Persians, Tonkinese, and Singapuras have large eyes. Cats communicate via eyes. 

The Cornish rex often tops lists of curly-coated cats and best hypoallergenic cats. This time for this breed's intriguing stare.

Cornish Rex

The Devon rex, like the Cornish, is known for its curly coat. However, this breed has huge oval eyes that make it seem alien.

 Devon Rex



The smallest cat breed has the largest eyes. The TICA's smallest recognized cat breed is the Singaporean Singapura.

Singaporean cat

The sphynx is recognized for its captivating stare and human-like emotions. Despite its lack of facial fur, the sphynx's huge, distinctive eyes will pull you in. 


Persians have brilliant blue, green, or copper eyes that contrast with their long, fluffy coats. Heterochmia, or odd-eyes, is also conceivable.

Persian cat 

The Scottish fold's ears may be its most unique feature. However, the Scottish fold's wide, round eyes and ears make it an attractive cat.

Scottish fold calico

All Burmese cats descend from Wong Mau, a female Burma cat. All Burmese cats have huge round green or gold eyes.

Burmese kitten

Tonkinese cats' eyes may be mesmerizing. These cats have aqua, sky blue, violet, and gold eyes and wide, rounded eyes.

Tonkinese cat

 All kittens in this cat breed have yellow eyes, which is fascinating. The kitten's eyes will gradually become green, as predicted for this big-eyed cat.

Russian Blue

British shorthair cats have wide eyes like most of their traits. These cats have big, round, well-opened eyes. 

British Shorthair