What Your Zodiac Sign Can Manifest ?

Aries Manifest: Relaxation

Relax in an Epsom salt bath and let go of any stress or anxiety you may be feeling. When you need to unwind while reciting your affirmation, try adding a few drops of lavender essential oil.  

Taurus Manifest: Expansion

Jot down on a scrap of paper your goals for the future. Put it under a basil plant and recite the affirmation while you tend to it. If you want more basil in your dish, use the herb itself.  

Gemini Manifest: New perspective

Think of yourself and your thoughts getting cleansed while you apply the scrub under water and repeat the affirmation to yourself.  

Cancer Manifest: Reconnection

If this is a love pairing, use crimson or white thread to bind together two pieces of carnelian. Put them on your bedside table and recite the affirmation to yourself as you drift off to sleep.  

Leo Manifest: Emotional intimacy 

Sit cross-legged and do an activity that opens your heart by tapping. As you tap, take a few deep breaths and repeat the affirmation to yourself in your head.  

Virgo Manifest: Self-care

 Repeat the affirmation six times while breathing deeply and focusing on the sensation of deservingness in your body.  

Libra Manifest: Inner peace

While reciting the affirmation, hold the amethyst in your hands. Tuck it inside your garment or a pocket to help you maintain a state of calm awareness throughout the day.  

Scorpio : Satisfaction 

To complete a thankfulness exercise, find a quiet place to sit and make a list of all the things for which you are thankful. Repeat the list loudly while touching your heart.

Sagittarius : Vital Discussions 

Repeat the affirmation three times while anointing your throat chakra with sandalwood oil. Carry a tiger's eye to inspire bravery.  

Capricorn :Belief 

Wrap a piece of thread around your left ring finger and recite the statement aloud every day. Then, after you've learned to trust again.

Aquarius : genuineness 

Put together an altar with a rose, basil, and gold candle. Repeat the affirmation as you set your purpose to be more genuine and center your attention there. 

Pisces : Realizing 

Applying eucalyptus oil to your temples and reciting a daily affirmation go hand in hand. Wear or display aquamarine to promote calmness and focus.